Connect your website to CRM+.

The time when you had to move information manually between your website and other systems is past. With our integration you can get leads and newly converted customers from your website right into CRM+, for further action. You can also get inquiries from “contact me” forms and such, to the right person with associated deadlines. You will have a full overview and stop that something doesnt fall through.

By using Zapier you can connect CRM+ to your website, with over 3000 other systems. More information about how this can be used is located in CRM+. To find out if your website supports Zapier, you can search for the website supplier here.

If you’d rather use our API to connect your website with CRM+ directly, you will find information about this in CRM+.


CRM+ is controlled by users

Everything we develop is to provide our users with an easier workday. See what we’re working on, add ideas and wishes, and vote for what we will develop next.